About MasterChef Series

About MasterChef Series

MasterChef Series is a dining program organized by DiningCity. In partnership with Hang Seng Credit Card, we present a selection of chef professionals who have proven to strive for excellence in their work. Each chef has created a unique menu at valued price specially for your enjoyment.  

As an expert on the relationship among cutting, preparation and heat, each chef has a unique vision on what type of ingredients to select and combine to create dishes that are pieces of art on a plate. These professionals lead their team in ways that foster unity in their kitchen and maintain highly consistent food quality. They are the stars behind each signature dish that is served.  

In a city blessed with such abundance of talented Chefs from all over the world,  MasterChef Series presents a glimpse of the art in their culinary work.


MasterChef Series 2021

MasterChef Series 2021 Special chef-designed menus from over 50 selected restaurants are presented.


Promotion Period

Booking Starts: 15 June 2021

Dining Period: 18 June - 8 August 2021


Menu Pricing Category:

- HK$148 for lunch; HK$298 for dinner

- HK$248 or above for lunch; HK$488 or above for dinner  

- HK$348 or above for lunch; HK$688 or above for dinner


Click on the restaurant list to find out our selections, and make your online bookings now.

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